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About architects

If you are commencing a new construction or renovation project, then you will likely be working with a professional architect. In the initial planning stages, the advice and expertise that you receive from a professional architect is invaluable.

They can introduce you to a limitless array of new ideas or trends. They have industry experience and can make suggestions about options that may not have crossed your mind previously. Their experience and know how can help ensure that your final product encompasses the best mesh of practical design and artistic flair to meet your needs and work within your budget.

Skills of an architect
Using the skills of the architects can help you avoid costly mistakes. They are familiar with the different aspects that go in to the building planning stage. They can assist you in incorporating a unique blend of style and practicality. Their priority is to ensure that your wishes are met, but also being aware of additional factors. They do this by considering the optimum methods needed to ensure quality control and conforming to safety requirements.

To consider...
When you are hiring an architect, you may be wondering sort of things should you look for. Here are some ideas about different considerations prior to your decision.

  • See what type of approach they have to your project, and if they show personal interest.

  • Check if you will be dealing with the same person throughout the process or if you need to with many.

  • Note if they highlight initial important considerations for your project.

  • Consider any issues or challenges that they may have pointed out for your project.

  • Giving an indication of the project timeline and how any disruption may be managed.

  • Understanding how they handle change management and the method of communication.

If possible, try to obtain references to get a feel for other types of projects that they have been involved in. Commonly, they will have a portfolio available of progressive and completed work. Previous clients may be available to give candid feedback on their experience.

Whilst initial quotes can generally be considered more indicative, based on individual requirements and changes throughout the project, find out more about their pricing and fee structure. It is really important that you are not subject to any unexpected surprises at the conclusion of the project.